What to expect for a Couple photo session?

I think couples deserve beautiful images to celebrate their love!

From our first contact to the delivery of your images, you will discover a unique experience of high quality service based on professionalism, trust & fun!


The preparation

For the preparation of a Couple photo session, I work in a special way with a unique technic: I make you work 😂😇!

I send you a document & I let you choose which “interactions” you want to prepare. Nothing to be worried about, it’s all about love, genuine emotions & you both as a couple.

This preparation will be fun to do & for sure it is the best way to set off lovely moments during the photo session.

Why do I use this technic? Because in front of the camera, it is not easy to feel relax & to look at your partner with love in your eyes on demand. This technic will have impact on your mood, on your state of mind. You’ll have a lovely experience even before the session starts!

We will also think about the best location(s) for your photo session, based on the places you love.

If you are in Istanbul as tourists & you hire me as a vacation photographer, I’ll recommend different options & the choice will be yours.


The session itself

A standard session lasts 2 hours, longer sessions are possible.
During the session, we’ll have a great time! Thanks to your preparation, you will have intense & emotional moments & I’ll capture them. I will help you with poses & you can always let yourself go with your own inspiration.

During summer, the photo session begins early morning (around 7:30am). Depending on what we planned, we’ll stay in 1 or 2 locations. We will have small breaks, which are good occasion to have a simit or a çay (“tea” in turkish).

Especially if I’m your vacation photographer & you don’t know the city, I’ll tell you about Istanbul & I’ll be happy to recommend places where to eat, to visit & to have fun.



After the session, I save your images (and I keep the memory cards untouched until my job for you is done).
Then I edit them, making the best selection of images.

Then I process your images in the most natural way possible, which means I rework the original photo to create my artistic vision. I work in colors, contrast, re-framing and custom-made black & white versions.
I do not manipulate the images (I don’t make legs longer or noses shorter for example).

You can expect 40+ images for a 2-hour session.

When the images are ready, I create a beautiful online gallery & I send you a special message with the link to discover your images.

Thanks to that gallery, you’ll be able to:
- download the images in medium resolution
- share the link to the gallery to your family and friends
- select your favorite images
- order prints.

Then, I will send you the DVD with these same images in high resolution & gift prints if included in the package you chose.

If you’d like extra prints or larger framed images, just let me know & I’ll give you a quotation.