What to expect for a Wedding portraits session

If your wedding is a short ceremony at the city hall, so a wedding portraits session in a beautiful places in Istanbul is the perfect way of making sure you will have everlasting memories of you both all dressed-up!

If your wedding also includes a diner & a party in a venue, you might not be able to choose the photographer (indeed the style) who will work for you. So a wedding portraits session is the best way to have the images you want.

From our first contact to the delivery of your images, you will discover a unique experience of high quality service based on professionalism, trust & fun!


The preparation

Most of the time, the Wedding portraits sessions are 2-3 days after the wedding day.
I recommend the session to be done after your wedding as I wouldn’t take any risk to have your wedding dress damaged before the wedding day.

The good part of having this session done 2-3 days after the wedding is that you’re not under the stress of the D-day anymore & you had the time to rest after this very special day.
Don’t worry about your wedding dress if it is a bit dirty or damaged on the bottom, I’ll handle this during the photo edition.

Make-up & hairdressing are a must for this session. I can give you recommandations for professionals who can come to your home and get you ready.

Before the session, I’ll ask you to send me the list of the places you love in Istanbul. It will help me to offer you custom-made route for the photo session. It will be composed of 2, 3 or more locations.

Because we will be walking, please take with you some very comfortable shoes, you’ll switch to your wedding shoes whenever necessary. 

If you’d like to have an extra-special photo session, I have a unique method to evoke emotions during a photo session, which includes a specific preparation on your side. .
Check this out here:


The session itself

The session lasts 2 hours. Longer sessions are for sure possible.
Thanks to the route we defined together, I will bring you both to beautiful & meaningful places to you both.

You will enjoy your time together in the streets of Istanbul.
And if you’re wondering how the « Istanbullu » react when they see a wedded couple during a photo session? They absolutely love it! They will congratulate you & respect the photo session, wherever we go. 

During summer, portraits sessions begin early morning (around 7:30am).



After the session, I save your images (and I keep the memory cards untouched until my job for you is done).
Then I edit them, making the best selection of images.

Then I process your images in the most natural way possible, which means I rework the original photo to create my artistic vision. I work in colors, contrast, re-framing and custom-made black & white versions.
I do not manipulate the images (I don’t make legs longer or noses shorter for example).

When the images are ready, I create a beautiful online gallery & I send you a special message with the link to discover your images.

You can expect 40+ images for a 2-hour session.

Thanks to that gallery, you’ll be able to:
- download the images in medium resolution
- share the link to the gallery to your family and friends
- select your favorite images
- order prints.

Then, I will send you the DVD with these same images in high resolution & gift prints if included in the package you chose.

If you’d like extra prints or larger framed images, just let me know & I’ll give you a quotation.