Hi, I’m Noémie!

Credit photo Meg Meyer

Credit photo Meg Meyer

I’m a 40-year-old French woman living in Istanbul since 2013. I love to photograph 📸, read thriller books 📕, get lost in new places ✈️, have endless conversations with friends 🥰 & use emojis in my messages 😂. 

Born & raised in the north of France, I lived in different french cities thanks to my business studies & my former job. I also lived in the US for a year at 17 as an exchange student & in Cordoba, Spain for a semester at 23 as a Erasmus student. 

A serious horse accident in 2011 gave me the chance to find my true purpose & to change my life

One year after the accident, I left the corporate world after 10 years working for a major company. Then, I worked with a self-coaching book for 3 months on my talents, my dreams, my passions, my needs & my gifts. I defined the meaningful life I am made for.

Since 2013, I am a freelance photographer based in Istanbul. I do what I love & live where I love.
I’m very proud, thankful & happy to create beautiful images as everlasting memories of your family happiest moments. 

As I’m so in love with Istanbul, I photograph the city as often as I can, and offer for purchase my work. I took part of 3 exhibitions in Istanbul in 2014, 2015 & 2018. You can discover my work here.

When I’m not out in the streets of Istanbul to photograph, I might be still out giving, photo lessons to beginners or intermediate. I’m very grateful every time I can transmit knowledge & see the students enjoying the learning journey in photography.

I love to write on my blog & I’m always happy to share samples of my work, my thoughts, my advice & my tips.

I also write & send a monthly newsletter, with photography tips, information about photo exhibitions… and special offers!

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