HoliFest in Istanbul


On April 16th, the Holiest took place in Sariyer LifePark, Istanbul. What is HoliFest? Some kind of a huge colored powder battle with electro music. 

The first aspect comes from an Hindu tradition. It is said that Holi existed several centuries before Christ. « Holi » is now a major festival celebrated by Hindus around the world, on the day after the last full moon of the Hindu month of Pahlguna (between late February and early March). Holy usually marks the happy transition from harsh, dark winter to brighter, warmer springtime. 

The second aspect, the electro music show, comes from marketing & sales department, on my opinion. What gets people together, in a happy and positive atmosphere? Live music! 

I went there more for the photographic potential than for the holistic one. I was expecting colors colors and colors. I got them if not on pictures, at least, on my face, arms and of course, my camera! Gosh it will need some deep cleaning :). I only wish the powder would be been a bit thicker so it would have stayed in the air longer. 


The holistic aspect was inexistent but the electro music was definitely there. I wasn’t expecting to like it, « I’m too old for this » kind of feeling. I did actually love it! Such a huge energy coming from the sound system, the DJ’s and the crowd. A real vibrant atmosphere. 

I loved « Holifest », from the beauty of the powders in the air to the strong colors of the spotlights; from the energy of the crowd to the vibrations of the sound. 

Here my work from that very special day. Enjoy :)!