Here and now

Istanbul, like most of the megalopolis, is a huge melting-pot. it had been that way for centuries and centuries. Nowadays, people, coming from all over the world, live here. Sometimes, Turkey isn't the first foreign country where those "yabanci" choose to live, and Istanbul may be only a few-years stop. But it seems there will be a "before-Istanbul" and an "after-Istanbul" for those who will keep on their journey in another part of the globe. 

I've met Anna through a common friend. She is Italian, married to an Italian man and they have a beautiful little girl. They did spend many years in Vietnam before coming to Istanbul. 

Like me, they think that it is important to create memories of special moments of our lives. Even if this special "moment" began 3 years ago and there is no plan to leave Istanbul yet. That's what I loved about this session: the simple statement "US being HERE" is a good reason for a photo session".  

I was very happy when Anna got in touch with me for this family photo session, thankful for her trust and for this opportunity to capture their happiness here, in an environment they love. To be honest, the photo session had a special occasion: Anna's birhday :). Thank you again Anna! 

Noemie Deveaux