Hidden workshops in the Grand Bazaar

A few weeks ago, I joined a guided visit of the Grand Bazaar.

'“Again?” you might tell me :). Yes, again.

I never get bored of the backstreets & hidden places in & around the Grand Bazaar. And even though most of the guides know the same “secret” spots, from one day to another, we never end up seeing the same things.

This time, I was very pleased to be able to photograph some “usta” (craftsmen, crafts-masters) working. Outdoor or in a dark small room, they work hard to create unique pieces. And always surrounded by cats, of course.

From the huge ornament meant to reach the very top of a cupola to the tiny tiny handles of sugar bowls, the tools & the processes are different but the dedication & patience are the same.

These “usta” might be the last ones to master these crafts.

If you want to offer yourself one of these photography, get in touch with me!

Noemie DeveauxComment