Welcome to “My Istanbul”

I came for the first time to Istanbul in April 2011.
As a tourist, walking in the streets alone, getting lost to discover the city on my own.
I fell in love.

Istanbul had, & still has, an impact on my 5 senses: 

The beauty of historical monuments or colorful street art, 
The sounds of the seagulls or the spoons stirring hot tea, 
The taste of a delicious simit or gözleme, 
The smell of warm chestnuts or spices, 
The softness of silk carpets or of the street cats.

Even the light seems magical here. I’m simply in love with Istanbul & I know I’m not the only one to feel this way.

I hope you’ll find « your » Istanbul in my images.

The mission of my images is to be printed out, framed & hang on a wall, as a lovely reminder of your moments in Istanbul.  
If you fall in love with my images & if you'd like to own one or more prints, get in touch with me.

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Here is my latest work on Istanbul!

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