Kayla & Yazan - Couple Portraits (1st wedding anniversary)

“Working with Noemie was such a pleasure from start to finish. After seeing her work on Facebook and hearing her speak at a local event, I reached out to her for a photoshoot to celebrate my husband and I's one year wedding anniversary.

Corresponding over email in the weeks leading up to the photoshoot left me confident that I had chosen a women who was equally capable and passionate about the work she does. A bonus was that she even recommended a lovely lady to come to my home to do my hair and make-up.

The games she had us play led to some beautiful and heartfelt moments, and the location – Suleymaniye mosque – was a wonderful suggestion on her part.

I am thrilled with the photos, not only of my husband and I, but of the gorgeous architecture of this city we call home! “

Joanna - Business Portraits

"Noémie is the best photographer I know. We made a huge work for my business pictures. The preparation before the photo shooting was very important & she managed to arrange every detail of the photo session from the format, the emotions & the colors of the picture I wanted for my website to the best places, the best timing & the best outfits.

This helped me a lot to build my brand image. She understood immediately the message I wanted to send through my brand.

During the photo session we had so much fun & time was flying. She knows how to make you feel comfortable, she is patient and she pays a high level of attention to details. 
It was an amazing experience which I would renew with pleasure! Thank you so much Noémie!"


Hattie - Maternity & Newborn sessions 

"Noémie is absolutely wonderful! We recently had Noémie do a maternity/family session and a newborn session and both were excellent. Trying to photograph a 3-year-old and a newborn can be a challenging experience, but she was patient, kind, and a fabulous photographer.

I would not hesitate to recommend her for any type of photo session, and we will definitely be using her again! Our photos are beautiful and we will treasure them forever."


Sylvie - Family Portraits

"This is the story of a nice family walk that we had, thanks to Noémie. She offered us an authentic Istanbul, full of our own memories in it. This Istanbul that tells about us, and that we love so much. 

As a talented photographer, Noémie blended herself in our world and managed to outline our family happiness, to zoom in our complicity and to expose all this to the nicest light. 

Amazing lighting, amazing memories that we will keep from this walk. Beautiful focus that we can share with our beloved ones. This is happiness!

Thank you for this moment Noémie. My children loved it."


 Nora - Business Portraits

"Working with Noémie was an amazing experience. I contacted her 5 days before the day I wanted to have the photo shoot: and she was flexible to accommodate my request and planned everything super quick. Regarding the photo shoot: I think Noémie's biggest gift is that she can make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera - which is great if you're not so comfortable with being photographed, like me.

Also, she's great at capturing someone's personality: when I looked at the photos, it was really me, I didn't look like someone who I'm not, which is what I wanted (I had a personal branding shoot and I wanted more natural looking photos). Thank you!"


Kate - Wedding 

"I can't say enough about Noemie. She is a true artist and she is very passionate about her work. She met with us to ensure it was a good fit to make sure we were comfortable with her. She listened patiently and carefully to what we had say and to what we wanted and helped us craft the schedule. She listened to all the details and helped me make decisions when I asked for her opinion- like how much time to give to certain events and what she had seen done in terms of receiving lines, etc. Being a foreigner in Turkey, it was amazing to have her advice. She even scouted the location before the event.

On the day of the wedding, I couldn't have asked for more or been more thankful for her kindness, which went above and beyond her job. She was never pushy or intrusive; instead she offered a kind and supportive presence. I can't say that enough. I am not very comfortable in front of the camera, but Noemie made me feel comfortable. She was extremely helpful, and even helped get me into my dress. When my mother was upset about something, she calmed her down. Noemie was stellar.

In a quite a short time after the wedding, we received a lovely private online gallery of photos (which really impressed my husband) and will receive a DVD. She will also be able to take care of the printing of our pictures.

We LOVED our pictures. They were beautiful. Both my husband and I were extremely happy and I think our families and friends will be, too. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Noemie."


Alice - Personal Portraits

"I fell in love with Istanbul when I got there three years ago. But time had come for me to move on.

I wished I could capture all those scenes that make Istanbul such a wonderful place to live. I am not talking about the big wonders such as Hagia Sophia or blue mosque but the little wonders that were all around me in my day to day life: my dear neighbourhood made unique by many people I had met there and shared moments of my daily habits. But how to freeze this istanbul, my istanbul and take it with me? 

Noemie suggested to get on a tour in Cihangir and just take photos of me in such atmosphere, in my world. Initially uncomfortable to have to pose, thanks to Noémie gifted "savoir faire", it all came up naturally. I did not see the two hours passing by. It felt more like a friendly walk than a photo shoot. And photos are just everything I wanted. Couldn't have imagined a better departure gift. Thank you."


Valeria - Family Portraits 

"Anna Maria, a good friend of ours gave us the amazing gift of a two-hour family photo session with Noemie. It was a wonderful and fun experience. We felt so much at ease with Noemie, who truly is a great photographer that knows how to capture the right moment.

The results are beautiful memories of our time in Istanbul. They will accompany us forever. We are so grateful. Thank you Noemie and Anna Maria!"


Vanessa - Family Portraits

"Because we wanted memories of our 3 years in Istanbul, we decided to have a family photo session with Noémie. She guided us and answered all our questions before the session. 

The idea was to capture the spirit of our family in places which are part of our everyday lives in Istanbul: the Bosphorus, the fishermen, the boats, the sellers, the markets...).

We met by the Bosphorus, early in the morning and we peacefully walked, forgetting progressively the camera. 

We let ourselves go with the slow flow of this Saturday morning. Noémie showed a lot of delicacy and respect, with a balance of distance and proximity. 

She manages to capture sweet and tender moments, family complicity, laughs, - our family moments, in fact - with a lot of sensibility and a touch of humor. 

We're very happy with the results and we thank Noémie for her expertise."


Natalie - Birthdays

"We first met Noemie when she came to take pictures of our son's second birthday celebration.  It was a special occasion because we had managed to get all of the grandparents in town, and so we had decided to hire a professional photographer to memorialize the day. 

We found Noemie to be warm, and extremely professional.  We were thankful that she did her work unobtrusively, so that we could devote our energies to hosting the party.  We were even more thankful a couple of weeks later, when she shared with us the results of her work that first day.  The pictures that she took were AMAZING!  Not only were there several beautiful portraits of our children, but Noemie also managed to capture some wonderful candid moments at the gathering.  We were hooked!

Since that first meeting, we now make sure that Noemie is available whenever we are planning a large family gathering.  Most recently, we celebrated a milestone birthday for my father-in-law, where all of his siblings and their children were planned to be in attendance.  Noemie worked her usual magic and we ended up with dozens and dozens of unforgettable photographs from that day.

Thank you, Noemie! We really appreciate all of your hard work."


Charlotte - Newborn & Family portraits 

"We asked Noémie for a family portrait, just after the birth of our 2nd child Auguste. It took place at home, with the 4 of us. 

Before the shooting, we were a bit anxious, it was our first time! We were wondering how to behave in front of a professional photographer, how to smile, what outfit to choose, etc... Noémie was always available to answer our doubts and questions.

On the D-day, the shooting actually turned into a very happy family moment while we did not feel the camera, we played, cuddled and took care of our kids. Noémie perfectly adapted the content to respect the rhythm of the baby. We really had a great time!

And then the outcome... WOW!!! We received amazing pictures that represent perfectly who we are and what we are currently living as a family.

Thank you so much for your talent Noémie, thanks for the priceless pictures you took, and thanks also for the great time we had together."


Susan - Family portraits, before leaving Istanbul 

"Thanks again for capturing such wonderful images for us - I'll have such fond memories every time I look at the pictures."


Héloïse - Family portraits

"We really enjoyed this family time: being together in places we love, with you as a guide! The photo shooting went smoothly, we didn't realise we were being photographed. This is great, as we're all quite shy in front of the camera.

The result is amazing and we will leave Istanbul with this priceless memory. Thank you so much for this great experience. Every family should have this kind of photo session when living in Istanbul!"


Marie - Baptism of her daughter Alice

"We got in touch with Noémie to capture the baptism of our 2nd daughter Alice. It was a very intense moment for us, as all our family came from France for the occasion and our friends living in Istanbul joined and animated the celebration. 

Noémie really did understand the importance this events had for us and even before the actual shooting, she managds to show us that she was sensitive to the symbol of this event. We felt understood and confidence since the beginning. On the D-day, we met a bit before the beginning to speak about the moments to catch. This allowed us to fully live the moment, without thinking about the results. 

Noémie is really used to this kind of celebrations and she knows how to be forgotten. She captures strong moments and emotions. 
We now have gorgeous images of our baby and a beautiful photo coverage of this morning. 

Thank you so much Noémie for your awesome work, which will allow us to keep this very special time as an everlasting memory of her lives here in Istanbul." 


Asli - Bridal preparations & wedding

"Dear Noemie, you are kind of our family photographer because you also took my brother's wedding photographs. Before my wedding day, we made a programme about the day and I wanted you to catch some special moments. During the day, beside taking my pictures, you were like my close friend. You met my family, my close friends, you contacted with them, you made me relax, made me comfortable. You even helped me to wear my wedding dress.

After my honeymoon you sent me links to download albums. It was great to check the pictures before I got DVD album. You combine your eyes, your heart and your imagination in your camera. Thank you for being a part of my such a special day."


Sabine - Family portraits

"The shooting preparation was perfect: thanks to your advices, we were able to choose the best route and the best outfits. The streets of Galata, the nostalgic funicular, the vapur,  the Süleymaniye mosque, among other places, were perfect for one of our last family walks. And we choose to wear red and white, as the Turkish flag and it looks great! 

We all had a great time during this photo walk in Istanbul. You manage to make us feel relaxed, you were patient and cook with kids who didn't really want to pose. It was also great to meet you and to speak with you :). The kids did really appreciate the comments, explanations and anecdotes about the places we went to. 

The images are great, both spontaneous and posed, within the beautiful city. We'll remember more than a photo session!"


Christine - Family portraits

"Thank you very much for the quality of the preparation for the photo shooting. It made us feel confident and "play down" this special time for us. As many, we are not used to be photographed and we felt relaxed and behave naturally.  

We had a great time during the photo shooting and it's nice to think we not only have photos from this morning but also sweet memories of it. It's one of the highlights of the end of our expatriate life in Istanbul. We didn't feel annoyed by the camera as you managed to stay discreet. The route was really great and fitted our wills.  

The outcome is amazing, it really reflects the time we had together. The kids are so happy with their portraits, we love the "stolen moments" and the posed family images are really beautiful.

Thank you very much, Noémie!"


Deniz Isabelle - Business portraits

"I was very stressed before the photo shooting because I really don't feel comfortable in front of a camera. Noémie managed to make me feel confident and gave me great advices.

I really enjoyed the photo session, especially because we did prepare it very well: the locations, the outfits, the poses. The locations fitted perfectly to my personality. For the outfits, I thought they'd be too classic comparing to my usual clothes, but then I realised they enhance me and really give the required professional image of myself on my website." 


Sandra - Travelling portraits

"I’ve been traveling on my own for several years. During my travels, I've been able to photograph amazing places and experiences, but I’ve never been able to capture myself in any of those moments.

As I searched photographers in Istanbul, I found Noémie. I chose Noémie for the range of her photographs and her editorial style of capturing the moment. From the initial contact with Noémie, we were able to decide on the best location and all the particulars. It was important for me to have a location that featured vibrant Ottoman tiles, and Noémie found the perfect location. It was an absolute pleasure working with Noémie – she even taught me how to smile for the camera!  

The photos are exactly what I had hoped for – moments of me experiencing the wander of travel.  The most important feature is that the photos are authentic and truly 'me'."


Wedjan - Family Portraits 

"Noémie is the best in the business! Choosing her as our photographer for our gathering was the best decision we made. She made the whole process enjoyable, natural, and FUN!! She was a joy to work with. She has a true natural talent for photography and was able to capture every special moment that meant the world to us.

Her communication was consistent, effective, and efficient. Her precision to details is amazing. If you want the most authentic, unique, and fun photos in town, she is the best. One conversation with her and you'll be hooked. Thank you Noémie, we love you and can't wait for future photo sessions!"


Stéphanie - Baptism of her daughter Jeanne

"For the 3rd time, we asked Noémie to work for us. This time, it was about creating beautiful memories of the baptism of our daughter Jeanne, who was born in Istanbul. Once again, we are truly delighted by the result. The images are simply wonderful. 

So Noémie does take lovely photos, this is obvious... and she is also a charming, caring, trustworthy and generous person. To photograph a private event with family and close friends is to step into one's privacy. And thanks to Noémie being so considerate, meek and discreet, it could not have any better. 

Thank you again."


Melis - Henna party, Bridal preparations & Wedding portraits

"Everybody knows ho stressful weddings are. And in the middle of the stress and chaos, you REALLY NEED people who you trust to work with. People who can do their job under stress...

Working with Noémie was such an experience during my henna party and my bridal preparations. She was very friendly, never judgmental and very good at photography. It's very rare to get such a combination. We decided to work with her for our wedding portraits too!

The bottom line is she is a very good photographer and a very good person". 


Sophie - Family portraits 

"I didn't think this family photo session (walking in different neighborhoods of Istanbul) would touched me that much... Beyond our will to have beautiful images, those hours with Noemie will remain a strong family experience.

Caring, professional and always a few steps away, Noemie gave us the necessary space to preserve our spontaneity and gave us the chance to have a great day, emotionally, culturally and humanly speaking.

Thanks to her artistic eye and her sensitivity, she created a series of incredibly touching and beautiful images. I want to thank her again for this wonderful moment, captured for a lifetim by her talent. Because Istanbul will remain the adventure of our lifetime, because she managed to capture what makes us unique and because she sublimated that special day thanks to her work, Noemie will be with us until our old days, when we will tell about our Istanbul adventure."


Melanie - Professional portraits

"I needed professional pictures for my business communication and I naturally asked Noemie. I knew already how she works so I was confident about the result. Nevertheless, I am not used to be in front of the camera and I was a bit stressed before the session. What should I wear? What posture?...

Noemie is very professional and helped me to pass through my fears. Before the shooting, she listened to my needs and advised me on what would be the best accordingly. During the shooting, she helped me to feel confident and release my apprehensions. Time flew and I barely noticed that she was actually taking pictures!

The result was far beyond my expectations. She loves what she is doing and always wants to provide the best for her customers with kindness and humility. Now I have really great pictures that I am proud of!"


Lara - Family & Baby photo session

"We have wonderful family photos thanks to Noemie. We arranged the session over email, she provided all information about duration and costs, and also useful tips for how to make the most of it. We went together to a park and had fun playing with my daughter. Later she took photos of my newborn at home.

Noemie could interact easily with my active toddler and my grumpy husband, and was very attentive with my baby. The whole process was smooth and pleasant, no posing or acting. Photos are not only beautiful per se but also a warm memory of a fun autumn day in Istanbul. Highly recommended!"


Marlyn & Umit - Wedding Portraits

"The first time I have read about Noemie was on May 2015. She had a good reviews and based in her portfolio, I did not have any doubt to contact her through her website. She was very kind and professional. Even though she wasn't available on my wedding day, she suggested to take our wedding portraits 2 weeks in advance (after that I would no regret to have take such a decision).

We walked through all the most important places in Istanbul with both a historical and a personal meaning. It was a fantastic experience. We had a beautiful present from her and it is our beautiful wedding pictures. Remember is not just about taking pictures, it's also about remembering feelings and emotions when you look at the images. 

Noemie is such a professional. kind, with good suggestions and ideas, definitely she has a gift. I would not doubt to contact her in another occasion. "


Caroline - Ballerina Portaits

"It is an understatement to say that I usually don't like being photographed. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I rarely like the result. So I avoid the camera every time my husband points it at me, and then secretly go delete the pictures he took so I don't have to watch them. I guess it says a great deal about the way I feel about myself.

But I wanted to change that, to see myself in a positive light, doing something that I love: dancing. With Istanbul as a background, which was very promising. So I booked a photo session with Noémie, whose work I admire, because she has a way of picturing people that seemed kind to me, and at the same time beautiful. Not to mention the views of Istanbul that she takes are breathtaking. 

I had an incredible experience, walking through Istanbul in the early morning lights, walking around neighborhoods I had never been too, and posing like I had done it my all life, me who hates being photographed so much. The pictures came out great, and I feel I can celebrate the woman who is on them, mother of two, not perfect but full of life, happy to dance and being herself.So thank you Noémie for your professionalism, kindness, talent, and for guiding me through that moment of my life in Istanbul that I will never forget !"


Silvia - Pregnancy & newborn photo sessions

"A friend of mine posted on FB some pics of her maternity session she had with you, that's how I decided to get in touch with Noemie. The information she gave us before the photo session were clear and essential. People who do not have any idea about which is the best outfit, time during the day when to catch the best light etc. Those information are crucial in order to feel self-confident.

During our photo session, Noemie manage to make our family members feel comfortable. Melissa, my daugther at that time almost 3 yo, doesn’t like to take pics at all. It was a drama at the begining as she got upset. After a short break, Noemie did some bounding with her after that she felt more comfortable, she even enjoyed the whole session. I would highlight the flexibility during the photo shooting, either the maternity and the new born session. Being relaxed, without rushing and respecting the needs of a family, is the first thing I appreciated. When I see the pics I love the way we look as family since it’s shown all the love is around us. Besides this, the poses aren’t fake and we look real, as we are."


Lissy - Family Portraits

"We have been living 2 years in Istanbul and we needed portraits to remember this life changing experience, as we're getting ready to move forward in life. Noemie was flexible enough to adjust our schedule and suggest beautiful places where we could get a glimpse of Istanbul. There are so many beautiful places here so it's hard to narrow it down, thankfully we found the place. We felt immediately comfortable and Noemie was able to connect with our active 4-year-old. Thank you Noemie, this is exactly what we wanted."


Allyson - Family Portraits

"The pictures are wonderful!!! I've been thinking about what I wanted to say about the photo shoot and photos and 'wonderful' really sums it up. We are very pleased with the photos and the photo shoot for a couple of reasons. First, the photo shoot:we felt very comfortable during the photo shoot and I think that showed in the pictures. Thanks to your relaxed and conscience approach, we were able to be ourselves and capture the fun we have everyday in the photos.

Secondly, we were impressed by the quality and the quantity of the pictures. I think I told you about our regret with our wedding photos and how I was determined to never repeat that mistake again. Wow am I happy now!! Both the experience and the product were perfect! I'm so happy we'll have these photos for Emerson years from now. As we move around the world, it's not likely we'll revisit places we've lived in and capturing the moments and locations is important for me and for Emerson as she grows up! Thank you for making this happen."


Nadia - Maternity session and Baby session

"Noemie is a phenomenal photographer.  I hired Noemie for my pregnancy photoshoot after carefully vetting many photographers’ portfolios.  Noemie’s portfolio stood out and I was not disappointed with the result.  Her photos came out beautifully! Every image was perfectly balanced, capturing the perfect moment.  

Furthermore, Noemie is a consummate professional.  She traveled to the other side of Istanbul for us and, despite the long trip, she was warm and courteous.  I really liked that she came prepared with suggestions for photographs and did not rush through the photo shoot.  All in all, it was such a great experience that we hired Noemie to do our newborn’s photos and will plan another photo shoot in a few months."


Nikola & Aykun - First anniversary portraits

"Noémie took photos of me and my husband on our first anniversary and they came out just incredible! She is very talented and also makes her photo session in a very friendly atmosphere, we laughed and enjoyed it a lot. And the photos are just like from a magazine, I really loved them! I recommend her to everyone who wants to capture a precious moment of their life, as she is fantastic in every aspect of her job and the results are absolutely worth it."


Melissa - Boudoir portraits

"I wanted to give my fiance some elegant and beautiful boudoir photographs for his wedding present, but I was very nervous and uncertain about the idea. I emailed Noémie after seeing that she was recommended by many other expats in Istanbul, and I was delighted when she sent me some sample photos from a similar shoot which she had permission to share. The sample photos were beautiful, natural, and very classy, exactly what I was looking for, and they really convinced me to give it a try. Noémie listened carefully and really understood my vision for the photos and we selected a venue for the shoot together. 

Despite all the planning we'd done, I was really tense and nervous on the day of the shoot, I felt that I wasn't going to look good on the photos. But she was calm, practical, and friendly and I found myself having a really great time. When she showed me a raw photo on the screen of her camera, I was so happy - the photo was beautiful. The whole session felt really harmonious and I really felt that it was a collaboration. She listened to what I wanted, but when I was uncertain, she also had her own ideas to contribute. It was easy to run ideas by her for feedback and she really has a great eye for poses that will look good. Yesterday I received the edited photos, and I love them! They are some of the most beautiful photos of me anyone's ever taken, but still I look like myself, natural and happy. Honestly, I am having such a hard time waiting for our wedding to share these with my fiance - I wanted to show them to him right away!"


Elise - Baptism of her son Léon

"I took photography classes with Noémie and I decided to choose her as my son's baptism photographer. I couldn't be more happy about that choice! She managed to be discreet during the ceremony in the church, and even if the reception took place at our not-so-big home, she managed to actually photograph that moment too. The result is beyond my expectations, she is really professional! 

I'm so happy to have chosen her, she created beautiful memories of our life here in Istanbul, this period of time which is always to short for expatriate people! 


Amélie - Products shooting

"Noémie took care of my products' photo shoot when I created my website. Right away, she managed to understand my expectations. She also quickly created the best photo shoot conditions. Noémie is an efficient professional photographer, discreet and ready to listen, she succeeded in meeting my expectations. The outcome of her work shows a true passion for photography, she is a real artist. I highly recommend her original and quality work." 


Kristina - Professional portraits

"Noémie is an incredibly gifted photographer who easily understands what the client is looking for and how to get it for them. I was dreading doing new headshot photos but she made the process not only simple, but enjoyable, and the end product was absolutely perfect. I would highly recommend her for a wide variety of photo projects based on her skill and her ability to understand the client needs."


Stéphanie - Baby portraits & birthday

"Noémie worked for us at many occasions: my daughter's birth, my son's birthday and to photograph our flat. Availability, creativity and generosity... She has a lot of qualities and the results are simply perfect! "


Maureen & Orkun Ergün - Wedding

 "We chose Noémie to shoot our May 10th wedding dinner and were absolutely thrilled with the results. We wanted warm, energetic and spontaneous photos of our wedding, which is difficult to find from local photographers who prefer posed. She managed to capture all the best moments from the speech and the cake to the smiles on people's faces as they're in conversation. She is creative and included a lot of shots showing the ambiance while also being able to focus on small details on a dress or whats in someone's hand. We loved her and our families loved her as well, making it that much easier to work with her and trust her on this special day."


Emily, Serdar & Lale - Family Portraits

 "My family's session with Noémie could not have been more enjoyable. She put my husband and I at ease and had loads of creative ideas for how to pose with our baby. The results were phenomenal and I am overjoyed to have these memories to treasure forever! I highly recommend anyone seeking beautiful photographs of their special moments to meet with Noémie right away."


Marie - Professional Portraits

"In December 2013, I had 2 portraits sessions with Noémie, in order to illustrate my profession as a old-books restorer. To be photographed, either on a professional or a personal matter, is not always easy. But Noémie is the kind of person who makes you feel comfortable, thanks to her kindness, her warmness and because she really knows what she is doing as a photographer. I had a really good time during those 2 sessions and I appreciated the chats, during and after the shootings, about my profession and photography.Now, I am very happy to own a testimonial of me practicing my profession, as a reminder of those sessions, as well as a high-standard support to present my work. Since then, I call upon Noémie on a regular basis, for further shootings of my works and the result is always as good as I expect. I don't hesitate to recommend Noémie because she is very qualified as a photographer, and also because she's worth knowing for her strong human qualities."


Julie - Pregnancy Portraits 

"The pregnancy photo session with Noémie was a moment full of gentleness and it helped me to discover my body again. Being 5-month-pregnant, my body had already changed so much, it is not always easy to feel beautiful. She came to my home with a red rose and other accessories to enhance my already round belly... What a pleasure to immortalize this moment....everything goes so fast!"


Semra - Her daughter Selin's Birthday 

"I chose Noémie right away without any doubt for my daughter's birthday party.  She is so sweet and loving, the kids immediately gave her wonderful poses. She is very creative and really knows what she is doing. She is expert of catching very special moments. The result was amazing. The pictures are so unique, whenever I look at them, they remind me the beautiful moments of the party with a big smile on my face. I thank her for making us so happy. I highly recommend Noémie to anyone who is seeking wonderful photos for any special event."


Caroline & Pascal - Wedding

"Noémie is our friend since many years. We saw her progressing and blossoming thanks to her passion for photography. It was obvious for us to ask her to take our wedding photographies, and we were so right! Noémie was able to catch all those special little moments, all those things we don't see but which add magic to such a wonderful day. We discovered with a lot of emotions and pleasure all the pictures she took, they are for us such extraordinary memories. Noémie puts her heart into her photography and this is the reason why she can catch the loving moments so well. Thank you Noémie!". 


Athena, belly dancer - Professional portraits

"I met Noémie and instantly knew her open and creative energy would bring forth something magical for my artistic dance photos. I have worked with many photographers in my professional dance career for artistic images of body-in-motion and poses, and I can say Noémie has a professional eye and character which makes the whole photoshoot process wonderful for a fellow artist!

 When discussing my photo ideas with Noémie, she immediately seemed open and interested to work with me to make my dreams come true for on-location and for unconventional out-of-studio dance photos. Her easy communication and ideas helped us secure a location, and from start to finish of the shoot, I felt relaxed, encouraged and not rushed. Her joy and positivity kept the possibilities, on both sides of the lens, rolling during the shoot!  When the final images were sent to me, I was completely in awe of her eye for composition, color and most of all beautiful feeling caught in each image! It was a delight in every way to work with Noémie and I highly recommend her professional photography!"


Tanja - Pet portraits

"I am so happy that we had the impromptu photo session! As a proud pet owner, I have millions of pictures of my cats but no good ones with me IN them as well. That changed when Noémie visited me and took the amazing photos from my cats and me! I simply can recommend this to every pet owner. You will be so happy and thankful! "


Inma & Olivier - Pregnancy Portraits

"We've met Noémie a few weeks before our daughter's birth. We thought it would be a good idea to catch memories of this very special time, of the changes my body goes through and before a new life for all of us begins... It was our first meeting with Noémie and we got along very well.  We began by an outdoor session, along with my partner. We both thought it would not take long (because of the hot weather) but the session soon became a photo-walk. Noémie had a lot of ideas to capitalize on the known and unknown sides of the city and to take original pictures. Then we finished the session at home, to capture more intimate images and it went naturally and with confidence. We keep a very nice memory of this session and a few pictures are now in our living room. We always have a strange feeling looking at those pictures while holding our 3-month old baby girl!"


Réka & Edit - Family Portraits

"I would like to thank you for the photo session we had together with my daughter. Since she is a teenager, it's always difficult for me to convince her to take the traditional "family pictures". However she understands why it is important for me, but in general does not enjoy these events. It was completely different this time. We had a great afternoon all together in Gülhane park, having some tea, coffee, watching the breathtaking view. By the time we were walking around in the park and enjoyed our time together without really recognizing it is a photo session, you have done a great job. As an outcome it was not only a nice afternoon in the park but also we have several beautiful and touching pictures which will always remind us that day and our times in Istanbul. Thank you :)!"


Şeyma & Bora - Wedding session

"We met with Noémie only one time before our wedding day. Still she was able to understand us about what kind of photographs we wanted her to take. At our wedding ceremony she kindly directed us all night long to be the stars of that special night. After receiving our wedding photos, we had difficulty believing that those amazing looking bride and groom on the photos were nobody but us. She has taken amazingly artistic photos way beyond our imagination. Noémie is a true professional photographer with an passionate heart and her enthusiasm for creative and artistic photography fascinated us. We would like to thank her for those very special and out of the ordinary photos and her friendly personality."


Eunhwa & Jongyoon (Korea) - Honey Moon Session

"Noémie is very sensible person and she's been preparing the session a lot more than I expected. She has made my honeymoon perfect. In particular, I can not forget the Istanbul's beautiful skyline pictures taken from the roofs of the Grand Bazaar (Büyük Valide Han). Working with her is a part of the sweet memories we have from Istanbul, these memories will stay with me forever. If you want to have your own special memories in Istanbul, I recommend working with Noémie. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her again."


Safiye & Nuret (Belgium) - Couple Session, walking in Istanbul

"A few months ago, my boyfriend and I decided to travel to Istanbul. In order to plan our stay there, we looked at all the typical places to visit and I had an idea: I wanted to be able to create a photo album of the two of us in those great places. So I looked for a photographer who would cover us in different locations in Istanbul. I searched on internet and found Noémie Deveaux. Perfect, she is french so we'll be able to understand each other. 
We had a great time with her, she was able to make us feel relaxed, because it was our first time.  In addition to being a great photographer, Noémie is also a good touristic guide. At the end of the session, we took the time to speak about life in Istanbul, drinking a tea. We discovered another face of Istanbul. Thank you very much again!"