My answers to the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your style? 
I photograph both spontaneous & posed moments. I capture you enjoying the fun or emotional moment & I also direct you to pose to create a few classic shots. 

Do you offer digital files? 
Yes, the digital files are included in my offers. I believe you should be able to print them out as many times as you want. 

Can I get the raw files? 
No. I take pictures in raw and then select and process them with Lightroom. I export them on jpg format and both on the online gallery and on the DVD, will be jpg images. To give you raw images would be equal to give you an unbaked, undecorated cake.

What happens if the weather isn’t on our side?
We can reschedule the photo session if the weather doesn’t allow us to be outside or have the photo session done indoor if there is enough light. 

What should we wear?
I advise you to wear plain colors & to coordinate your outfits colors. This will add a visual strength to your natural family bound. 
I have further details ready to be sent to you.

I’m not comfortable in front of the camera…
It is part of my job to make you feel relax & enjoy a quality family time. I’m told to be good at this! You will almost forget about me & I’ll do everything to create images of you at your best. 

What does the investment cover exactly?
The preparation, my advice & recommandations, the photo session itself, my work on the images (in colors and B&W), the private online gallery to discover your images, the prints (if included in your offer) & the DVD with high resolution images. 

What is “Photo processing”?
It is the "process of reworking an original photo, either produced by film or digital, to create the artistic vision of the photographer". My way of editing is as natural as it can be. I work in colors, contrast, re-framing and custom-made black & white versions. I do not manipulate the images, making legs longer or noses shorter. 

Can you take care of the prints?
Depending on the offer you choose, you’ll have 5 gift prints included. I also offer extra packages to have extra prints or larger ones. 

Where do we have the photo session done? 
That’s one of the themes we speak about during the preparation. From one family to another, the places they love are different. Because I know Istanbul very well, I’ll always able to give you the best ideas for you.

How long does a photo session last?
Generally the photo session lasts 2 hours. My offers include longer sessions. 

How long will it take to receive our images?
Within 3 weeks, you’ll receive a special message with the link to your online gallery. If you’d like to receive your images within a shorter time, please let me know.

When should we book you? 
For family session, as soon as possible! From April to September, the calendar gets quickly full so the sooner the better!

You can also check out the “What to expect” pages for all the session types:


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