For who? For everyone with a DSLR camera. For those who don't have the time or the energy to read the manual. For those who feel a bit frustrated by sticking to the automatic mode. For those who would like to improve their skills, either technical or artistic. For those who want to capture the beauty of Istanbul... or their running kids. For those who don't feel like learning from online classes. 

What is all about? In my opinion, if you want to get off the automatic mode, it is necessary to know and understand what is inside the camera, the lenses and what is going on when we turn that wheel or push that button. The technical aspects of photography are the roots of creating your own photography. Of course, once you know and understand, practice will be not only necessary but a "must", like an athlete will get turn her best moves to reflexes. And because we're speaking about photography, creativity and esthetic will be surrounding us all the time. 

So I offer both technical & practical lessons, to discover, understand, practice and improve. 

How? Before we have the first lesson, I'll ask you what you know about your camera and photography, and what are your issues (blurriness, flat images, never get the images you want etc). Then, all along the lessons, we either meet in a quiet place to go through the technical aspects or outside, to practice, to face some challenges and to work in your "eye".

I created a 50-page class material, thanks to my own learning process, online classes and books. I tried to give explanations as clear as possible, with illustrations. 


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Feedbacks from students:

Isabelle - Beginner - 4 lessons:

"I really enjoyed the private lessons with Noémie. For sure, I now understand much better my camera and I know how to use different settings. I also don't look at my images the same way and I think they are much better now. I enjoyed the lessons about theory, full of explanations about major settings, and the class material (very useful and I can go back to it any time I need). More practical lessons were also very nice, as we went on a photo walk, photographing various subjects (speeding cars, flowers, landscapes etc). Thank you for those lessons, the way I look at images is now different and I don't see the same things. Thank you also for your pedagogy, your sympathy, you know how to share your passion and I'll recommend your photography lessons. It was a real pleasure to gave those 4 lessons with you". 

Michael - Beginner - 4 lessons:

"I took 4 photo courses to learn how to use my new camera. I learnt a lot thanks to Noémie who is very patient, relax and give you lots of informations and tips. She gives me a course book written by herself which is very interesting and instructive, so I could discover new things easily between classes. Moreover, we walked a lot through Istanbul and this way I discovered new spots and let's say " a new Istanbul ". I'm now able to use my camera and to do it with a lot of pleasure. Thank you Noémie !"