Wedding Photography

Your wedding day will be one of the red-letter days of your life. A special day for which you invest a lot of time and make a lot of choices: the wedding venue, the dress, the shoes, the rings, the menu, the DJ...

And the time comes when you'll choose who will capture the emotions, create lifetime memories and who you will welcome into your world. 

I'll be more than happy to photograph those special moments of this beautiful day. 

From the bridal preparation to the cake, I'll catch spontaneous instants, the decoration and the action, in a photojournalistic way. 
I create a unique document to help you choose the perfect wedding photographer for you.

Wedding Portraits

Istanbul is the dream-place for wedding portraits sessions! It's also easy to combine one, two even more locations during a session. If you met your husband here, you might have special places close to your heart: where you both met, where you had your first date, where he proposed... 

From the Sultanahmet area to the Süleymaniye mosque, from a vapur to the Sirkeci train station, from Ortaköy to Galata bridge, everything is possible! 

I just love the idea of adding Istanbul's magic into your wedding portraits! 


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