What to expect for a Kid photo session

When your baby is more than 1 year-old, there are a lot of occasion to be captured, like Birthday party, Baptism, or a special-themed photo session.
Photos of your kid can also taken during a part of a Family photo session.

From our first contact to the delivery of your images, you will discover a unique experience of high quality service based on professionalism, trust & fun!


The preparation

For birthday parties, I need to know when the party will begin, as I like to arrive before the guests to capture the decorations.

For baptism, I need to know the program in detail. I want to be at the right place at the right time & capture every key-moments.

If we organize a photo session just for your kid, here are some recommendations:
- Let’s pick the right time. We will avoid nap time & right after nap time.
- Tell your kid about the session one week before the session & play “the photographer”. The idea is to create the connection “photographer = fun”
- Speak about me with my name & tell your kid we’ll have fun!
- Make sure the outfits you pick is comfortable enough to play, run & jump!

If you feel you’ll need to bribe your kid, let’s do so in a clever way by avoiding messy treats (like chocolate) & long-lasting candies. Small & easy-to-eat treats like smarties would be perfect.


The session itself

During birthday parties or private events like a baptism, I’ll be as discreet as possible.
I know where to be & what to capture thanks to the preparation.
I’ll catch candid of your kid having fun, discovering the cake (& eating it!), laughing & being with his-her family.

During a kid photo session, I make sure your kid is having fun & I might get you into the picture!
I will make sure your kid shows us his-her best natural smile, just the one you want to remember.



After the session, I save your images (and I keep the memory cards untouched until my job for you is done).
Then I edit them, making the best selection of images.

Then I process your images in the most natural way possible, which means I rework the original photo to create my artistic vision. I work in colors, contrast, re-framing and custom-made black & white versions.
I do not manipulate the images (I don’t make legs longer or noses shorter for example).

You can expect 40+ images for a 2-hour session.

When the images are ready, I create a beautiful online gallery & I send you a special message with the link to discover your images.

Thanks to that gallery, you’ll be able to:
- download the images in medium resolution
- share the link to the gallery to your family and friends
- select your favorite images
- order prints.

Then, I will send you the DVD with these same images in high resolution & gift prints if included in the package you chose.

If you’d like extra prints or larger framed images, just let me know & I’ll give you a quotation.