What to expect for a Maternity photo session

As the best time for a Maternity photo session is during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, you need to get on touch with as soon as possible so I’ll keep free time on my calendar for your session.

At this time, you are blooming with a beautiful big round belly, baby is  almost ready and you can actually still walk around quite easily!

We can also plan to follow your pregnancy, from Month 4th to Month 9th:
one short photo session (about 30 minutes) every month to capture this amazing evolution. 

From our first contact to the delivery of your images, you will discover a unique experience of high quality service based on professionalism, trust & fun!


The preparation

Prepare clothes that make you feel good & comfortable. That’s the main part!
Proper size with colors that suit to you, clothes which accentuate your belly (dresses, tank top, cross-over neckline tops) are ideal. You can prepare several outfits if you’d like.
Important: Avoid using elastic waistbands which leave visible marks on the belly. 
You can also choose fun and flattering accessories: hats, scarves and jewelry. Have fun!

If you’d like nude or semi-nude images, Favor white or black lingerie, simple & comfortable.
Also, if there are family jewels, keepsakes or other things you have ready for your new baby (toy, slippers, comforter), prepare them for our session.

Don't forget your hands, as they will be on many pictures, it is a good opportunity to a beautiful manicure! 


The session itself

The session lasts 2 hours. It can take place at your home or outdoor.
During the session, I will give you advice for flattering poses for you. If the session takes place at your home, to photograph you nude or semi-nude is possible. We will go step by step, ensuring your modesty and comfort.

If your baby-to-come has a brother or sister, you might like to ensure that they remain busy in another room, or with a friend or relative, during the session so that you can relax and enjoy your moment.

If the weather allows us to have the session outdoor, this is of course possible. A park, a place you like and feel comfortable in, your garden, or any special place in Istanbul will be nice. 

Having a maternity session partly indoor, partly outdoor is also possible.



After the session, I save your images (and I keep the memory cards untouched until my job for you is done).
Then I edit them, making the best selection of images.

Then I process your images in the most natural way possible, which means I rework the original photo to create my artistic vision. I work in colors, contrast, re-framing and custom-made black & white versions.
I do not manipulate the images (I don’t make legs longer or noses shorter for example).

When the images are ready, I create a beautiful online gallery & I send you a special message with the link to discover your images.

You can expect 40+ images for a 2-hour session.

Thanks to that gallery, you’ll be able to:
- download the images in medium resolution
- share the link to the gallery to your family and friends
- select your favorite images
- order prints.

Then, I will send you the DVD with these same images in high resolution & gift prints if included in the package you chose.

If you’d like extra prints or larger framed images, just let me know & I’ll give you a quotation.