What to expect for a Newborn photo session

At the hospital on the day of birth or at home, newborn photo sessions are the best way to capture your baby’s first hours or days.

This session can be part of a package '“Maternity + Newborn”. Drop me a message to have more info about this.
Some doctors allow birth photography, let me know if you’re interested.

From our first contact to the delivery of your images, you will discover a unique experience of high quality service based on professionalism, trust & fun!

Important: Newborn sessions at home are done when your baby is between 5 & 15 day-old. 

For Baby photo sessions & Kid photo sessions, it’s right there 👇🏻⬇️ !


The preparation

As soon as you decide you want a Newborn photo session, get in touch with me! I’ll follow you up as we’ll get closer to your delivery date.

For the photo session at the hospital, I will be called when you’re going to the hospital, in order to be there when the baby is here.
There is not much to prepare as the many character just arrived :). Depending on the family & friends visits, we’ll set up the most suitable time for the photo session.
If you have planned decorations for the room, let’s be sure everything will be ready when I’ll be there.

For the photo session at home, I will be called when the baby is here. We’ll set up date & hour for the session.
When your newborn is between 5 and 15 days (max 20), you’re back from the hospital, you’re all comfortable at home, you’re getting organized in your new life. 

If there are clothes, objects or toys that you would like included into the images, , don't hesitate to prepare them.

If possible, please feed your newborn before the session. It will help her to sleep and me to have the most gentle photo session. 

I will bring a mobile heating system. The idea is to keep the room warm enough to undress the baby without risking her to get cold. Please rise up a bit the room temperature if you can.
I also use very soft & warm blankets. They are always washed with anti-allergenic washing product before a new session.

If the newborn has siblings, let’s plan to keep them busy in another room for at least the 1st half of the photo session.


The session itself

The session does last 2 hours.
No pressure during the session, your baby will dictate the pace of time.

As a newborn, your little angel still sleeps a lot & it’s wonderful to capture a sleeping newborn. She still has that foetal position & her body is still quite « flexible » to adopt smooth & gentle poses. If she wakes up and cries, if she needs to be fed and changed, no worries at all, it’s all part of it! 

If you breastfeed your baby, I’d be more than happy to photograph this significant moment. 



After the session, I save your images (and I keep the memory cards untouched until my job for you is done).
Then I edit them, making the best selection of images.

Then I process your images in the most natural way possible, which means I rework the original photo to create my artistic vision. I work in colors, contrast, re-framing and custom-made black & white versions.
I do not manipulate the images (I don’t make legs longer or noses shorter for example).

When the images are ready, I create a beautiful online gallery & I send you a special message with the link to discover your images.

You can expect 40+ images for a 2-hour session.

Thanks to that gallery, you’ll be able to:
- download the images in medium resolution
- share the link to the gallery to your family and friends
- select your favorite images
- order prints.

Then, I will send you the DVD with these same images in high resolution & gift prints if included in the package you chose.

If you’d like extra prints or larger framed images, just let me know & I’ll give you a quotation.