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Let's dance!

When I first met Caroline, about one year ago, I thought -and still think- that she was a beautiful woman, yet she seemed not to aknowledge it. I remember thinking she might be a dancer. From the light steps she was taking, and the way she hold her head. Soft and discreet. 

So when Caroline came up with a project dear to her heart, I felt very touched and excited. Such a great combination of 2 things I cherish: beauty and love. 

We needed to meet up early morning, as the sun was rising and shining hard even in the morning. We went to 4 different places: the 1st being very much graphical, the 2nd being much more "natural", the 3rd being beautifully Ottoman and the 4th being more modern.

4 places, 3 outfits, 2 women, 1 city.

Thanks to Caroline, who chose me to capture her "alaturka-ballet"-self and thanks to Istanbul being Istanbul, that session has a special place in my memories and in my heart. . 

Joanna's project

A a few weeks ago, I've met a dynamic young lady called Joanna. She is at least as much in love with Istanbul as I am! 

While building up her new membership website, she contacted me in order to create a few portraits which would be true to herself and consistent with her professional activity. 

Natural, authentic and approachable, that's how Joanna defined herself and that's the image she wanted to give on her website. 

I quickly thought about the best place in Istanbul to find, all year long, green nature (one of my little secrets!) and we had the session done within a few days. For about 2 hours, we had a lovely time over there. I helped Joanna, directing her with simple poses and we found special spots to enhance the "natural" aspect she wanted to give. 

I just loved to be part of such a project, creating for her a suitable online image, and making her happy by meeting her expectations.

Thank you very much again, Joanna, for your trust! And all the best for your new activity! 

PS: for the french speakers, check out Joanna's website: