Business Portraits

  • If you're about to launch your activity, you certainly have a website, a Facebook and/or a Instagram account

  • If you're an online service-provider, your website is your showcase, as social medias.

  • If you are updating your website (or more globally your strategy), you'll make changes at all levels, included images.

In all these cases, creating or renewing your portraits is a must. 

Why creating your own business images is a "must-have" to develop your business? 

Because the right images will create:

  • A strong confidence in you & your competencies => this is THE goal of your website, isn't it? 

  • The impression of already knowing you => this balances the "online" connection. 

  • The will to know you more & to get in touch with you => that's what you want your visitors to do, right?

  • A stronger message as your image will be consistent from your website to all your social medias accounts. 

To create your own personal business portraits, I organize a preparation phase, asking you to define your universe & the message you want to give.

Thanks to all these information, I will find the perfect location for the photo session, I will give you advice for picking the right colors, outfits & accessories.

During the session, I will help you posing & smiling to feel comfortable in front of the camera.


Melis is now based in England but her roots are in Turkey! She was the founder of “Jalabiye”, and now the founder of Mia Rosa. This new brand firmly believes in women empowerment, the fight against the wage-gap, and unfair standards in the workplace. “We never have and never will underpay any of our employees; we believe that equality begins within us.”


Solène is a French entrepreneur based in Istanbul. Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer at Creators for Good. Her ultimate goal is "to empower more and more women to become confident to start and grow their own sustainable business, to live wherever they please, and to do what they love", just like she did! 


Athena Najat is a Greek belly-dancer based in Istanbul. She performs & offers workshops all around the world. To follow her on Facebook, here it is.

Nora is based in Hungary but her online-activity gets her in touch with people from all over the world. She created Spa & Salon Academy & throughout her programs, she helps salon & spa owners turn their regular neighborhood businesses into booming, highly profitable salons & spas. Her passion is helping current and aspiring spa and salon owners take their businesses to the next level. 


Joanna is the founder of Joanna.H! Born in France currently living in the lovely Istanbul in Turkey, she guides the future & already existing entrepreneurs to accept & succeed in their "Pivot" during their entrepreneurship journey, thanks to the heart intelligence.


Melanie Özgenler is a French entrepreneur based between Istanbul & Paris, married to a Turkish-German man met on London! She is the founder of “MOZ”. She helps passionate entrepreneurs to spread their brand image at the best level to reach a higher range & reach their clients easily.


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