When my friend Mandy told me she was going to work for a "défilé" during the fashion week, I was so proud of her. I felt it was one more step for her, the result of talent and hard work. And it had to be photographed. 

I was more than happy to document this incredible moment; to capture my friend in our own world: hairdressing, beauty, perfection and professionalism. 

For the designer, the fashion week is the end of a long process. She finally presents to the public the result of her hard work with her team. Now that the clothes are done, the finishing line relies more on others' work. Models, hairdressers, make-up artists, lights technicians, DJ.... Everyone has to do his-her job no less than perfectly, for a crucial 5-minute show. So what can be more exciting and challenging than that? 

Fashion isn't my thing, it's not my dream work environment. But there is some kind of magic in fashion. And even more when the défilé takes place in such an amazing hotel as the Pera Palace. 

So enjoy the show :)!

PS: Mandy's studio is in Maçka, Beşiktaş. You can follow her work on Facebook and Instagram. Find out further details on her website:

Noemie DeveauxComment