Creating everlasting memories: Sophie's story

When Sophie first asked me about a family photo session, I was very happy and excited about it. She told me she wasn't into "classic" family portraits, not a fan of smooth and "clean" images. She wanted something different, images taking sides, emotions and the reality of their family & of Istanbul as they love it. That was perfect as it’s exactly what I do as a lifestyle photographer.

She helped to understand what she had on her mind, sending me examples of images she likes. She came up with Vivian Maier, Sally Mann & Alice Springs. I have to admit I was petrified 🤣.

I let myself go with the flow, step by step. Setting up a date & a meeting time. Picking up a starting place and a route. Speaking with the kids on the phone about their likely apprehensions and doing my best to ease them. Getting my equipment ready. 

On an early morning of October, we meet in Kadiköy & we took the ferry back to European side.

Everybody had a great time during the photo session. The family seemed to forget about me & to have a great family quality time, enjoying places they love, having fun together.

After the session, the editing & processing done, I sent the images to Sophie.  

Sophie called me right after she discovered their images. She told me how much she was happy, amazed & touched by them. On the very same evening, she made a short selection & wrote a post on Facebook about them. I felt so happy and proud. So happy they were happy with their fresh visual heritage. So proud I managed to create lifetime memories. 

Here are her words:

"I didn't think this family photo session (walking in different neighborhoods of Istanbul) would touched me that much... Beyond our will to have beautiful images, those hours with Noemie will remain a strong family experience.

Caring, professional and always a few steps away, Noemie gave us the necessary space to preserve our spontaneity and gave us the chance to have a great day, emotionally, culturally and humanly speaking.

Thanks to her artistic eye and her sensitivity, she created a series of incredibly touching and beautiful images. I want to thank her again for this wonderful moment, captured for a lifetime by her talent. Because Istanbul will remain the adventure of our lifetime, because she managed to capture what makes us unique and because she sublimated that special day thanks to her work, Noemie will be with us until our old days, when we will tell about our Istanbul adventure."

Thank you so much Sophie! 


Noemie DeveauxComment