Creating everlasting memories

When Sophie first asked me about a family photo session, I was very happy and excited about it. She told me she wasn't into "classic" family portraits, not a fan of smooth and "clean" images. She wanted something different, images taking sides, emotions and the reality of their family and of Istanbul as they love it. 

I needed to better understand what she had on her mind, so I asked her to make some researches on internet and to send me examples of images she likes. She came up with Vivian Maier, Sally Mann and Alice Springs. I have to admit I was petrified. Literally under pressure. Not really about the images I would expecting to create, but more about reaching their expectations. My fear came directly from my weak self-confidence. 

I thought about it, over and over again. I know what I'm doing. I know my gears. I know the places we'll go to. I just didn't know how good I was going to be, and if this would be good enough? Breath deeply, breath deeply, breath deeply.... 

Then I decided to let myself go with the flow, step by step. Setting up a date and a meeting time. Picking up a starting place and a route. Speaking with the kids on the phone about their likely apprehensions and doing my best to ease them. Getting my equipment ready. 

On an early morning of October, I jumped on the first "vapur" from Karaköy to Kadiköy. I watched the sunrise from the Kadiköy iskele, eating a poğaca and drinking a çay. Just a classic turkish early morning. 

After coming back home, I saved the files. And let them rest, as a cake dough. Not that I hope they'd get any better :) but I just need some time off before actually working on the files. 

Then the second part of the job began. An invisible part to most people. Hard work of selection, and mainly edition. This is as creative as the actual shooting process. Working on the light, the contrasts, the framing -if necessary. Looking up at every detail, every look, the environment as well as the subjects themselves and their interactions, to get the best out of every image. 

The last but not least step is sending the images to my clients. 

Sophie called me right after she looked at the images. She told me how much she was happy, amazed and touched by them. On the very same evening, she made a short selection and wrote a post on Facebook about them. I felt overwhelmed by her words and by the comments. I felt so happy and proud. So happy they are happy. So proud I managed to create lifetime memories. 

This photo session is such a symbol of the reasons why I am a photographer and why I think professional photographers still have a huge role to play. We create beautiful images, which represent you, your family, the way you behave towards one another, your life. Those images will be part of your life forever and will be part of the family history. In a way, they will be part of your patrimony. They have a value, such a huge value. And I am very proud about this. 

Thank you so much Sophie for your trust, for pushing me (maybe without knowing it), for letting me create those true images of you and your family. 


Noemie DeveauxComment