Welcome to the Tulip Festival!

Every month of April, Istanbul gets a bit more magical. "How on earth, is it possible?" you may wonder. It is possible and it's thanks to the "Lale Festivali" (the Tulip festival).

Tulips are often thought to be from Holland. It's still quite unknown that tulips are originally from Turkey. They are, indeed, one of the symbols of Turkey and you can find easily tulips drawn on decorative tiles and ceramic plates.  Some even see a tulip shape in the famous turkish tea glass! 

I love to go to Gülhane, on a weekday, and enjoy colors, shapes and textures of those beautiful flowers. I take my time to walk around, getting used to those incredible bright colors. During the week, the park is "empty" compared to weekend days so I can photograph those flowers quietly. I always have a great time over there, looking for the perfect flower, or the beautiful shadow that a petal creates on another one. I'm on my own world, a world of details and beauty. Have you ever taken a close look at a tulip petal? So thin, so fragile, so delicately textured. And even when they begin to fade a bit, they keep on looking lovely: some almost look like poppies, opened to the sun. 

I just love this time of the year! 


Noemie Deveaux