A truly amazing experience

Being a photographer allows me to witness and photograph special family moments, emotional bridal preparations and smiling birthday kids. It allows me to create everlasting memories of my clients' happiest moments. That's the reason why I am a photographer, why I love my job and why I am proud of what I do. 

When Michael, a former photography student of mine, told me his wife Romina was pregnant, I was very happy for them, as I like them a lot. Then, Michael asked me to do maternity and newborn photo sessions, I was very glad to accept and thankful they trust me to capture those very important moments of their lives.

And he asked me if I could photograph the birth. I had been willing to capture this incredible moment for years so I was thrilled to accept. 

3 weeks ago, early morning, I got a message from Michael, saying they were on their way to the hospital. It was their first baby. It was my first experience as a birth photographer. First cry, first breath for their baby boy. 

Such an emotional moment. Such an unique feeling. Such an intense experience. 

I'm deeply grateful to Michael and Romina for their trust, allowing me to follow this so special time of their lives: creating images of her pregnancy, of their baby boy's birth and of his first days. 

So here is their story! 

Noemie DeveauxComment