Your online visual identity: a "must-have" to develop your business.

As an entrepreneur, your website is the result of a lot of work: your template, your texts, your logo, your graphic design were created very carefully, based on your target, your market, your position on the market & the image you want to give to your visitors. 


Especially if you're a service-provider, as an online-coach for example or any job for which "you" make the difference, you have to think about illustrating your website with your image, as a professional, as a part of your communication strategy. 

Most of the time, the only portraits we have are passport or holidays pictures. For the first ones, smiling is forbidden, we look 10 years older & sometimes like we just got out of prison (yes, even Anna Mouglalis...). So let's skip it. For the second one, even if you look amazing on your holidays pictures, let's keep them for social medias.


What you need is to look professional, reliable, welcoming. But what does that mean? Do you have to wear a dark suit, cross your arms, look straight at the camera & "tchic tchac" (yes, it's supposed to be the camera noise)?


No. Hopefully no. There is so much more than that. The images need to look genuinely like you, because your potential clients will first discover you & your offers online.


"You" is at least as important as the quality of your services.

Your offers are presented the best & most attracting way, right? So people will just think "oh, that's exactly what I need!!". Keep in mind that between 2 similar offers, the client will first go to the service provider giving him-her the best feeling. And this feeling is created by the visual identity you give thanks to the design of the website and above all, thanks to the images of yourself.

As your potential clients will only read your texts & look at the images, they will not hear your voice or your intonations, they will not feel your vibes. So you have to show them who you are, what you like, what is your environment, where you feel good to work.

Why? Because only then that person will be able to understand you & to project him-herself working with you. The person looking for an online service-provider is looking for a human being providing services, able to listen to him-her, to understand his-her issues, fears & expectations and to help him-her to improve his-her skills & to increase his-her courage & self-confidence. 


The right images will create:

- A strong confidence in you & your competencies => this is THE goal of your website, isn't it? 

- The impression of already knowing you => this balances the "online" aspect. 

- The will to know you more & to get in touch with you => that's what you want your visitors to do, right?


So how do we do? First, you need to put words on the image you want to give. You need to define yourself and the thoughts you want people to have on their minds when visiting your website, looking at your images. 

"Professional" of course, but what about: happy, open, modern, zen, nature-lover, organized, client-oriented, dynamic, sympathetic, motivating, reachable, efficient, authentic? 


That's why I offer special & custom-made services to entrepreneurs. The preparatory work is the key: it will allow me to find the right places for the photo session & to advise you the right outfits, poses & accessories.

Then, you'll have the right images, at the right place, sending the right message to your website visitors and they will want to work with you right away! 


I really love helping & creating your visual identity, consistent with who you are, your offers, your message & your customers. It's such an interesting balance between photography & communication strategy! 

Looking forward to beginning to work with you on your project!



Noemie DeveauxComment