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My Beautiful Mistake

Yesterday, as every year, at the beginning of April, I went to Gülhane park, to photograph the tulips. They are absolutely gorgeous, so colourful, so intense, so delicate. 

But this year, I felt a bit bored. Not because of the flowers, but because it's my 5th festival and I felt I was not doing anything new.

And then I made a mistake. An exposure mistake. A huge mistake, the image was so over-exposed (you can discover the image below the article). But the result was amazing. I loved it. It looks like a painting. It looks fresh, soft, full of life. I'm even thinking about printing this image out and offer it to myself! To look at it every morning would definitely put me in a good mood!

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So I decided to put intentions into what I was doing, and try something else than what I would usually do. I was becoming creative again! And that's exactly what I've been missing for the last months, being stuck at home and then super busy working on my photography business. 

Even though I'm not against the idea of overexposing my images again, I worked on almost the opposite: I tried to enhance the stunning colours thanks to the shadows. I loved to look for the "right" flower & for the "right" shadow" and of course the "right" light. Find the images below my "mistake". 

What do you think about the results? Let me know in the comment section! 

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The tulips are back in Istanbul!

As you may know, tulips are special in Turkey. So special they have their own festival in Istanbul. Every year, during the month of April, all the parks and actually almost all the green areas, welcome thousands of colourful tulips. 

Tulips aren't from Holland but from the Ottoman empire (for the French-speakers, here is a nice article about the origins of the Tulips). Tulips are the Turkish national flower and to some extent, the symbol of Turkey. You can find tulip shapes on a lot of fabrics (bed covers, scarves etc) and some say the shape of the traditional Turkish tea glass comes from the tulip shape. 

As a personal tradition, I went to Gülhane park to photograph those beautiful flowers. I love the softness of the petals and their transparency. I love their colours and shapes. And I'm very impressed by the work done by all those gardeners who not only plant the flowers but also take off the broken or damaged ones during one month. 

Enjoy those incredible colors :)! 

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