Galata Bridge is my favourite place in Istanbul

6 years ago, I came to Istanbul for the first time. And I don't remember walking on Galata bridge. Maybe I did but my mind was already full. Full of the beauty I could see around, of the seagulls screaming, of the taste of the apple tea I had been drinking, of all the fabrics I touched, of the spices I smelled. Because Istanbul is about your 5 senses being awake. 

Since I live in Istanbul (I moved here 3,5 years ago to live my dreamt life), I often cross that bridge. All year long, I see the fishermen focused on their fishing rods, I feel the vibrations of the bridge when a bus is passing, I feel the wind on my face, I hear the seagulls happy to see Istanbul from the sky, 

Walking on this almost 500m-long bridge is an experience. Not a clean, soft and quiet experience. A raw and noisy one. Friends, families, fishermen, cars, buses, tramways, seagulls... Life.

From that bridge, you can watch both sunrises and sunsets, you can look at both Pera and Sultanahmet areas & both the Golden horn and the Bosphorus. You can talk with the fishermen or with the restaurant workers (if you walk on the lower level of the bridge). On Saturdays afternoon, you need to slalom between the crowd. For sure, you'll never be alone on that bridge. Rain & snow won't stop some courageous fishermen to spend their time here.

I just love that bridge. Here are my latest images of this place (taken during a photo lesson I gave a few days ago). 

Enjoy :). 

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