6 reasons to go on photo tours

A photo tour is a walk to a special area, picked by the organizer, in order to take pictures of what makes the location interesting. Most of the time, the organizer knows the area & is able to tell you about it.

I’m a big fan of photo tours as they get me out my photography routine. If you wonder how a photo tour can be good for you, here are 6 reasons to help you.

  1. To be understood
    You know that feeling when you want to get the best shot of a detail on a monument & your family or friends are looking at you like you’re crazy & ask you to hurry up?
    Well, with fellow photographers, nobody will judge you :) because they know what it’s like to photograph & they love the same thing you do: Photography!

  2. To make new friends
    Photography is a hobby for so many people, there is a good chance to meet people you’ll get along well. Especially during a photo tour, as this means you already have a lot in common!

  3. To try something new
    There are lot of new things to be discovered during a photo tour: an unknown location, a special light, some unique kind of workers…So many reasons to go out of your comfort zone.
    And when you’ll see someone trying this or that setting, it’s a great occasion to ask them about it & to learn!

  4. To develop your own vision
    No pressure, no stress, nothing to prove, no judgments. During a photo walk, freedom & peace of mind will help you to develop your eyes, to identify what you love to photograph & your style will become more asserted.

  5. To go out!
    Let’s admit it, sometimes, it is hard to pick up your camera, go out & take pictures. Photo walks are a great occasion to finally do so. You made a commitment to the organizer so you just have to go :)!

  6. To practice
    Once you’re out there, as it is the point of the photo tour, you’ll practice photography. For 2 (or more) hours straight. You will get the best out of this special time.

    Thanks to all the reasons above, you’ll get better, you’ll understand new things & you’ll in a great atmosphere.

    Here are images I took during a guided visit of the Yenikapi & Kumkapi areas, in Istanbul. The guide was Mustafa Kemal Dönmez, french speaking professional guide in Istanbul.

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