Moving away this summer?

When I left France back in 2013, I felt an urge to bring memories of my family, my friends, even the cities I lived in, in my suitcases. Thanks to pictures, I was able to take little pieces of my past (& its limitless value) with me to Istanbul.

Will you leave Istanbul (replace by the city you live in now) this summer?

If so, you might not want to think about it now & get the best out of your last months in your beloved city. 
Of course, living in various countries is a great luck. But it is not easy to move every 3 to 5 years, to re-adapt to a new culture & to re-create your social life every single time.
And it is hard to leave a place you love, your friends & take a new step to the unknown.

A family photo session brings your family together in the places you love in Istanbul.
The images I created for my clients are everlasting memories of their happy moments here, as well as a part of the family history. Family portraits are for you & your partner as much as for your kids. And they are great gifts to your families living in your “home country” too.

Family photo session in Istanbul
Family photo session in Istanbul
Family photo session in Istanbul
Family photo session in Istanbul
Family photo session in Istanbul

For the past years, I photographed a lot of "about-to-leave-Istanbul" families. So, based on my experience, I'd like to give you one main advice:

-- Book now a spring or early summer photo session --

By booking a spring or early summer photo session, you'll avoid many things that'd make the photo session not so fun or even impossible to happen.

Here are some examples of things that might occur:
- You'll be all too busy to even think about a photo session so it won't happen. 
- The one who's working might need to leave Istanbul earlier than the rest of the family. Without your partner, the photo session won’t happen.
- A few weeks before you’ll leave, you might need to go for a few days to your “new city” to find a new home & a new school for your kids. It will be a stressful time.
- During a "last-minute" photo session, you might think "this is the last time I see this place I love" everywhere we go & it won't help to have a positive state of mind. 

And some info from the photographer’s side:
- Make sure your favorite photographer 😉😎 is available as soon as possible.
- All photographers get very busy at that time of the year, to book now a spring session is to be 100% sure your spot is secured. 
- The photographer will have the time to edit & process your images & to deliver them to you before you leave.

And if you’re still not sure a family photo session is important, especially before moving away:
- It’s a way of celebrating all the happiness you had while living here.
- Every member of your family will be on the pictures.
- Your years in Istanbul are & will be forever a part of your life. You & your family deserve to be captured in the city that was such an amazing environment during these years.
- These images will have a unique & very high value. They will be worth being printed out, framed & hang on your wall in your new home, thanks to all the memories they will represent.
- It’s about creating the visual patrimony of your family. Your kids will be thankful to have these images. And their kids too!

☀️☀️ Once the session is booked & organized,

all you have to do is to join me & have 2 or 3 hours of happy moments

with your family in beautiful places in Istanbul. ☀️☀️

Don’t hesitate to send me a message, just click here or go to the “Contact” tab of my website. I’m looking forward to reading you!

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