How a Boudoir photo session can help you

First, let me tell you what a Boudoir photo session is.

A boudoir session is a photography session where you wear sexy outfits, lingerie, dresses, or even go scantily clad & get your photographs taken.
The photographer & the model will work together to create beautiful, sexy, confident images of yourself.

The Wikipedia definition is: “Boudoir photography, or sensual photography, is a photographic style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic & sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners”.

I think this definition misses the main point of a Boudoir photo session & definitely forgets about the impact on OURSELVES that a Boudoir photo session can have.

Why? Just because women are not defined by having or not a romantic partner, therefore the images created during a Boudoir photo session do not automatically involve our potential partner.

Here is the thing: most of the women struggle with their body image. Not with all the same complaints (too small, too big, too long, too short, cellulite, shape of the nose etc) but the list is endless.

The bottom line is, every woman is their own worst critic & picks on something about themselves regardless of how beautiful they are. 

A Boudoir photo session is about YOU (& body positivity).

The “gorgeous, glamorous & confident YOU”.
Do you remember or even know that person?
Maybe not. A Boudoir photo session can help you reconnect with her.

it will help you see yourself as you really are, as the people who love you see you.

It is about you & your body.
It’s about the image you have of yourself.
It’s about self-confidence & getting out of your comfort zone.
It’s about celebrating yourself just the way you are.
It’s about trust & « let-it-go » attitude.
It’s about empowering & pride. 
It’s a unique gift to yourself.
It can be a ton of fun. Trust me!

Here are some feedbacks of the latest Boudoir photo sessions:

  • Miss P.

    ”I have always been very shy in front of a camera, but at the same time very curious of this feeling of being uninhibited in front of a lens. I desperately wanted to try but the problem was: "who will I trust enough" to be at ease in front of?.

    I knew Noémie had had few sessions of "sexy pictures" with other ladies and I loved the result. So I went for it and it was scary at first but absolutely fine and fun and surprisingly, it freed me and made me finally be at peace with my body, its shape, its flaws and its uniqueness.

    I am so proud and grateful to Noemie for making me feel like a goddess for one day. Now, the problem is... I want to do it again, and very soon !”

  • Miss C.

    “I needed to see myself from another perspective. I thought about doing a Boudoir photo session with Noemie as we already worked before & I trust her eye & her kindness. I also saw some beautiful images taken by her during Boudoir photo sessions so I thought “Why not me?”.
    I knew she would be able to make me feel relax, to give me great tips, without any judgement.

    The photo session itself as a good & even funny experience, as I discover the “behind-the-scene” of a lingerie photo session! There are special poses that reveal our best side & we need to push the furniture away or find our balance on a chair! I realized that even professional models use special poses & tricks so I felt better!

    Noémie knows perfectly the poses that made me look great. At the beginning, I was stressed but after a while, I had fun & I stopped being self-conscious.

    The result is stunning. The pictures are natural, I recognize myself in a sexy, confidente, full of life version of me. I dared overcome my self-consciousness. When I don’t feel so good about myself, I think about these images & they help me to feel better & to keep my chin up. I try to be that woman on the pics, who does deserve pride.

    She is not perfect but this doesn’t matter, she is beautiful as she is. Finally, I am able to say: “I’m beautiful this way :)”.

    For me, a Boudoir photo session is a way to capture forever our intimate femininity. No need to be naked or even to wear lingerie: a camisole, a pair of heels, whatever outfit you love will do the job.

    The images aren’t created much to be shared on social medias but to be kept for yourself (& maybe your partner), to reveal to yourself your beauty & your femininity. “ 

    PS: I have the agreement of P & C to use these images online. They chose them according to what they want to be online & public.

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