How to finally get great photos during summer?

If you’re tired of not getting the pictures you want,
If you feel helpless with all the buttons & options available on your camera,
If you can’t wait to finally be happy with your summer pictures,

Here are easy solutions!

Why should you stop using the automatic mode?
Because with the automatic mode, the camera only takes into consideration the available light. That’s it.
It’s not its fault, it was defined this way :).
You need to tell your camera that your subject is moving fast or that you’re photographing a stunning landscape.

But how?
Nothing easier & without going into the semi-automatic ou automatic modes: Just by using the Scenes modes.

Most of the pictures we take during summer are divided in 3 categories:
- People (moving & not moving)
- Landscapes

And there is a Scene mode for each of these situations!

1. Moving people

Your kids playing on the beach or jumping in the pool, our partner running on the beach, your dog trying to catch the frisbee…
There are many occasions when your subject will be moving.

By choosing the “Sport Mode”, your camera will set up a high shutter speed (lest’s say 1/250 or faster like 1/500) to freeze the movement & an aperture large enough to achieve a well-exposed photo.

photography-cheatsheet copie 5.png

2. Stationary people or Objects

During holidays, we are relaxed, sun-tanned & we have free time. A looot of free time. Is there any better time to take lovely portraits of your family?

The best for a portrait is to have a blurry background. It makes the subject stand out.
Luckily, there is a mode that will do the job!

It’s called the “Portrait Mode” & sets up a large aperture (let’s say f/4 or larger if you can like f2,8) to create a blurred background.

photography-cheatsheet copie.png
A large aperture = a small figure = a narrow depth of field

A large aperture = a small figure = a narrow depth of field


3. Landscapes

For landscapes, we will prefer to have the whole image sharp. In order to achieve this, a small aperture is necessary.

If you want an easy way, you can pick the “Landscape mode”, it will set up a small aperture (like f/16 or f/22) & choose the right shutter speed accordingly to have a well-exposed photo.

A small aperture = a large figure = a deep depth of field.

A small aperture = a large figure = a deep depth of field.

photography-cheatsheet copie 2.png

I hope you’ll enjoy taking pictures during summer & that you’ll be happy with the results!

If you think your images are still not good enough, don’t hesitate to drop me a message! I’ll do my best to help you out!
And don’t forget I give photo lessons all year long… so you can be all set for next year’s summer 😉!

Enjoy your time 😎🤩!

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